Account Name: - Excalibur Solution

 Account Holder Name:- Vinayak katkar

Account Type:-                Current

 Bank Name :-                 : IcIcI Bank

 IFSC Code:-                   ICIC00064

Account NO:-                  646005003003

 Branch:-                           Satara.

Bank Address:- Rajashri Shahu Dist Sports,

 Complex, Ravivar peth, Satara 415002.

AD Code:-  6152006

Swift Code:- ICICBBNRI

IEC Code :- BJHPK287N

  Gst No:- 27BJHPK2879N1ZG



  • As a merchant service provider, Excalibur Solution provides account details for wire transfers. If you are a trader or customer looking to send a wire transfer, please contact Excalibur Solution directly to obtain the necessary account details for the transfer.
  • When initiating a wire transfer, the amount will be sent via Excalibur Solution's company account. Once the transfer is processed, a notification will be sent, reflecting the transferred amount. The amount will then be displayed in the wallets of both the service provider freelancer and the customer.

     *  please note Dear Service Provider feelancer Customer Buyer Seller please note the Do Not select this option without buy Add srvices, buy and

Add services subscripton plan and Buy and complite your services task 

      * do not buy witout sevices please skeep this option plaese note the Excalibur Solution compny will be legal action to do not buy services